Basic Synonym Words in English

This post include beginner level english vocabulary and their closest meaning(synonym). Please follow the list;


Word Synonym Word  Synonym
Large Big Small Tiny
Exit Leave Speak Talk
Present Gift Fast Quick
Alike Same ill Sick
Stone Rock Near Close
Last Final  Start   Begin
Easy  Simple  Raise   Lift
False  Untrue  Under   Below
Above  Over  Angry   Mad
Difficult  Hard  Rule   Law
Write  Record  One   Single
Mistake Error  Keep   Hold
Occur  Happen  End  Finish
Eat Consume  Respect   Honor
Trip  Journey  Get Receive
Sad  Unhappy  Glad   Happy
Good  Fine  True   Correct
Job  Occupation  Old   Ancient
Infant  Baby  Rich   Wealthy
Select  Choose  Safe  Secure
Accurate Correct  Afraid   Scared
Always  Forever  Arrive   Reach
Connect  Join  Care   Protection
Clarify  Explain  Damage   Hurt
Awful  Terrible  Behave   Act
Bizarre  Weird  Correct   Right
Delicate  Fragile  Diminish   Decrease
Disappear  Vanish  Disclaim  Deny
Silent Quite  Intelligent   Clever
Show Display Appear Seem
Rude Impolite Want Desire
Annoy Irritate Odd Strange
Native Local  Amount Quantity
Operate Function Ask Inquire
Non-stop Continuous Brave Bold
Vary Differ Buy Purchase
Allow Permit Innocent Harmless
Understand Comprehend Admit Confess
Broad Wide Outside External
Almost Nearly Suggest Purpose
Assure Guarantee Neglect Disregard
Rescue Save Destroy Demolish
Massive Enormous Condemn Denounce
Vacant Empty Lack of Deprive of
Slim Slender Join Connect
Fatigue Exhaust  Mobile Moveable