Common Collocations in English

Collocations with take, go, make, have, do, get, go, catch, pay, miss, lost, break, come, save ,keep.

Please follow the list for Common Collocations in English;

Take Go
take a chance go bald
take a look go bad
take a seat go crazy
take a taxi go abroad
take notes go astray
take an exam go bankrupt
take a picture go out of business
take care go missing
take advantage of somebody go to the cinema
take a nap go port
take your time go on holiday
take someone’s temperature go on a trip
take responsibility go to college
go for a rest
go for a meal
go for a drink


Have Make
have a rest make trouble
have sympathy make furniture
have lunch make a noise
have a good time make a mess
have a dream make a point
have a chat with somebody make a suggestion
have an experience make an appointment
have a feeling make sense
have fun make a promise
have a relationship make a profit
have a haircut make progress
have a bath make breakfast
have a look at something make the bed
make an excuse
make a phone call


Break Catch
break a record catch a thief
break a leg catch some rays
break a habit catch someone’s attention
break the ice catch a glimpse
break free catch a ball
break a promise catch a cold
break the law catch a chill
break someone’s heart catch fire
break the news to someone catch a bus
break the rules catch the flu
break a neck catch one’s breath
break a glass catch someone’s eye
catch you later
catch a train


Do Get
do your homework get married
do your best get a job
do nothing get a life
do exercises get divorced
do harm get permission
do your hair get the picture
do some work get a promotion
do someone a favour get the message
do an experiment get started
do damage get lost
do something right get fired
do something wrong get home
 do the dishes get angry
 do good get divorced
get started
get late
get the phone


Come Save
come in first save time
come late save space
come second save money
come to an agreement save someone’s life
come to a decision save oneself the trouble
come on time save one’s strength
come close save something to a disk
come in last save someone a seat
come into view save energy
come early save electricity
come to an end
come prepared
 come direct
 come to nothing
come to power
come cheap


Pay Lose
pay attention lose one’s head
pay interest lose track of time
pay a fine lose interest
pay a visit lose the game
pay tribute lose weight
pay a compliment lose one’s keys
pay the price lose one’s appetite
pay someone a visit lose a bet
pay wages lose a family member
pay by credit card lose one’s temper
pay your respects lose one’s mind
pay a salary lose the match
 pay the bill lose the way
lose consciousness


Keep Miss
keep a secret miss the buss
keep a promise miss the train
keep calm miss the meeting
keep quiet miss the point
keep in touch miss the chance
keep the peace miss the opportunity
keep an appointment miss the shot
keep a dairy miss the ball
keep someone’s place
keep change
keep control