Instead Of LOOK – Synonym Vocabulary

Closest words that you can use instead of LOOK. Please follow the detailed list;


Meaning-1; to turn one’s eyes toward something or in some direction in order to see.

Example; He looked toward the shopping center and saw his very old friend.

Meaning-2; to glance or gaze in a manner specified

Example; to look questioningly at a person.

For expressions and examples about phrasal verbs with LOOK, click here.

Word Word  Word
Stare Attention Eye
Glance Glimpse Peek
Review View Behold
Case Cast Contemplation
Flash Gander Gaze
Gun Inspection Introspection
Sulk Witness Cloud up
Look askance Glaze Mope
Detect  Distinguish Heed
Make out Notice Recognize
Pry Quest Rake
Ransack Rummage Scan
Comb Ferret Forage
Frisk  Grope Poke into
Consider Riffle Study
Regard Regarding Scrutiny
Sight Slant Speculation
Squint Survey Viewing
Watch Seeing Inspect
Inquire Look fixedly Size up

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