Collocations with Make in English


make an arrangementmake breakfast / lunch / dinner
make a decisionmake tea/coffee
make a planmake a meal
make a choicemake a snack
make your mind up 
make an appointmentmake a fuss about…
make a contributionmake a habit
make an attemptmake a point
make a changemake your eyes water
make an effortmake somebody happy
make  moneymake somebody sad
make a presentationmake somebody angry
make a profitmake somebody sleepy
make progressmake somebody smile
make a fortuneMake a confession
make a differencemake a fool of yourself
make a proposal 
make a reduction 
make a reference to sb 
make a complaintmake a correction
make an excusemake an impression
make a messmake peace with…
make a mistakemake friends with…
make a noisemake fun of…
make a threatmake life easier
make war on sbmake love
make trouble for sbmake a compromise
make a bedmake an offer
make a bundlemake believe
make a discoverymake a comment
make a callmake a deal
make a copymake a demand
make an appearancemake an exception
make a bookingmake a guess
make a reservationmake a promise
make a babymake a contact
make an enquirymake public
make a firemake a remark
make a journeymake sense
make a tripmake a speech
make a phone callmake a statement
make a report on sthmake a suggestion
make a soundmake sure
make time 
make a treaty with sb 
make a will 
make a wish 
make a note