Differences Between “Will” and “Be going to”

1. “Will” is  used to make prediction. There  is no evidence. It is just our personal opinion.


  • Perhaps it will rain. (It is just prediction. )
  • Maybe he will come again. (It is just prediction. )

Be Going To” is used to make predicition. If there is an evidence, it is preferred  instead of “will”.


  • Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain. ( There is an evidence, most probably being rainly )
  • Be careful! The bee is going to bite you.

2. Will” is used for unplanned actions in future.


  • I will fly to England. ( I don’t have a flight ticket or reservation.


  • We will see you again. ( just We think to see you again in future, there is no a definite or exact date or plan )
  • She will be a doctor. ( She is not a university students but she wants to be a doctor in future )

Be Going To” is used to indicate planned actions.


  • I have got a flight ticket to 3 o’clock tomorrow. I‘m going to fly to England.
  • They have made reservations for their summer holiday. They’re going to spend their holiday in London.
  • Jully is calling her friends for breakfast. She is going to make a delicious breakfast tomorrow.

For Detailed Expression About “Will”

For Detailed Expression About “Be going to”


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