Expressing Sunny Weather in English


Words Related to “Sun” and Their Meanings:

Blazing means very bright and hot. Blazing sun / sunshine ( adjective )

Sunshine / Sunlight is the light coming from the sun. ( noun )

Shiny means bright. ( adjective )

Sunrays / Sunbeams are lines of light shining from the sun. ( noun )

Bright means full of light.  Bright sun / sunshine ( adjective )

A patch of sunlight means a piece of sunlight. ( noun )


  • It’s been cloudy for a week now. We need some sun!
  • It will be a nice day.
  • It’s so hot today! I hope it’s warmer tomorrow.
  • It is partly sunny.
  • It is mostly sunny.
  • There is a sunny sky today.
  • It’s so hot and humid outside. The air feels so thick and sticky.
  • It’s so hot out there!
  • It is a shiny day.
  • The sun is so bright.
  • There’s a mix of sun and clouds today.
  • It’s so perfect outside; not a cloud in the sky.
  • We couldn’t ask for a better day than this.
  • It’s sunny.
  • It is! I’m so happy the sun is shining.
  • It is warm and sunny.
  • They’re saying blue skies and hot!
  • The sun‘s trying to come out.
  • The sun is very bright today.
  • The sun shone all day.
  • It was a bright sunny day.
  • There is a sunshine after the rain.
  • A ray of sunshine is shining.
  • The sea sparkles in the bright sunlight.
  • Sunrays shine through in the sky.
  • Blazing sun is shining through the leaves of a palm tree.
  • The morning sunlight shone through the curtains.


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