Punctuation in English

Punctuation is the use of special symbols that we add to writing to separate phrases and sentences to show that something is a question, etc.



Punctuations marks are the marks, such as period ( full stop ), comma and semicolon, used in writting to seperate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.

When we are writing, punctuation marks are essential. They show us (the reader or the speaker) where sentences start and finish. And if they are used properly, they make our writing or sentences easy to understand.

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You can get detailed information below about how to use commas, semicolons, and other types of punctuation correctly, so that you can make your writting clearer and effective.


  • The Full Stop in British English ( Period in American English )
  • The Comma 
  • The Semicolon
  • The Colon
  • The Question Mark
  • The Exclamation Mark
  • The Apostrophe
  • The Quotation Marks
  • The Ellipsis Marks
  • The Brackets and Parentheses  
  • The Slash
  • The Underline, The Underscore, The Hyphen and The Dash



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