Common Collocations in English

Collocations with take, go, make, have, do, get, go, catch, pay, miss, lost, break, come, save ,keep.

Please follow the list for Common Collocations in English;

take a chancego bald
take a lookgo bad
take a seatgo crazy
take a taxigo abroad
take notesgo astray
take an examgo bankrupt
take a picturego out of business
take carego missing
take advantage of somebodygo to the cinema
take a napgo port
take your timego on holiday
take someone’s temperaturego on a trip
take responsibilitygo to college
go for a rest
go for a meal
go for a drink


have a restmake trouble
have sympathymake furniture
have lunchmake a noise
have a good timemake a mess
have a dreammake a point
have a chat with somebodymake a suggestion
have an experiencemake an appointment
have a feelingmake sense
have funmake a promise
have a relationshipmake a profit
have a haircutmake progress
have a bathmake breakfast
have a look at somethingmake the bed
make an excuse
make a phone call


break a recordcatch a thief
break a legcatch some rays
break a habitcatch someone’s attention
break the icecatch a glimpse
break freecatch a ball
break a promisecatch a cold
break the lawcatch a chill
break someone’s heartcatch fire
break the news to someonecatch a bus
break the rulescatch the flu
break a neckcatch one’s breath
break a glasscatch someone’s eye
catch you later
catch a train


do your homeworkget married
do your bestget a job
do nothingget a life
do exercisesget divorced
do harmget permission
do your hairget the picture
do some workget a promotion
do someone a favourget the message
do an experimentget started
do damageget lost
do something rightget fired
do something wrongget home
 do the dishesget angry
 do goodget divorced
get started
get late
get the phone


come in firstsave time
come latesave space
come secondsave money
come to an agreementsave someone’s life
come to a decisionsave oneself the trouble
come on timesave one’s strength
come closesave something to a disk
come in lastsave someone a seat
come into viewsave energy
come earlysave electricity
come to an end
come prepared
 come direct
 come to nothing
come to power
come cheap


pay attentionlose one’s head
pay interestlose track of time
pay a finelose interest
pay a visitlose the game
pay tributelose weight
pay a complimentlose one’s keys
pay the pricelose one’s appetite
pay someone a visitlose a bet
pay wageslose a family member
pay by credit cardlose one’s temper
pay your respectslose one’s mind
pay a salarylose the match
 pay the billlose the way
lose consciousness


keep a secretmiss the buss
keep a promisemiss the train
keep calmmiss the meeting
keep quietmiss the point
keep in touchmiss the chance
keep the peacemiss the opportunity
keep an appointmentmiss the shot
keep a dairymiss the ball
keep someone’s place
keep change
keep control