Synonym Words with C


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.


  • The words “small” and “little” are synonyms
  • The words “shut” and “close” are synonyms
  • The words “incorrect” and “wrong” are synonyms
  • The words “intelligent” and “brilliant” are synonyms

Example Sentences:


  • This is a wrong answer. or This is an incorrect answer.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )


  • He is a brilliant scientist. or He is an intelligent scientist.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )

To reach detailed synonym words starting with the letter C in English, follow the list;

Synonym Words With C
calmquiet, tranquil, still
captureapprehend, seize, arrest
careconcern, protection
carefulcautious, watchful
ceasestop, discontinue
certainpositive, sure, definite
charmingdelightful, appealing, enchanting
chillycool, nippy
chubbyplump, pudgy
clarifyexplain, simplify
closeshut, fasten
closenear, imminent
coarsebumpy, rough
colossalenormous, immense, mammoth
combineblend, unite, join
comicalamusing, funny, humorous
complexcomplicated, intricate
competentcapable, qualified
comprehendunderstand, grasp
completeconclude, finish
complexcomplicated, intricate
compresscrush, condense, squeeze
concretereal, tangible, solid
concuragree, cooperate
condemncensure, denounce
condensecompress, concentrate
confessadmit, acknowledge
confinecontain, enclose, restrain
conflictoppose, differ, clash
conflictfight, battle, struggle
conformcomply, submit
confusecomplicate, muddle
congestedovercrowded, stuffed
connectjoin, link, attach
conscientiousscrupulous, virtuous
consciousaware, cognizant
consecutivesuccessive, continuous
conservativecautious, restrained
consideratethoughtful, sympathetic
constantlyalways, continually
contaminatepollute, defile, infect
contentedsatisfied, pleased
continuepersist, persevere
convalescerecuperate, recover
convenienthandy, accessible
conventionalcustomary, traditional
correctaccurate, right, proper
couragebravery, valor
courteouspolite, civil
coverconceal, hide
cozycomfortable, snug
crankycross, irritable
crazyinsane, daft, mad
cruelmean, heartless
crysob, weep