Synonym Words with O


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.


  • The words “small” and “little” are synonyms
  • The words “shut” and “close” are synonyms
  • The words “incorrect” and “wrong” are synonyms
  • The words “intelligent” and “brilliant” are synonyms

Example Sentences:


  • This is a wrong answer. or This is an incorrect answer.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )


  • He is a brilliant scientist. or He is an intelligent scientist.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )

To reach detailed synonym words starting with the letter O in English, follow the list;

Synonym Words With O
obey mind, heed, comply
oblivious unconscious, preoccupied, dazed
obnoxious offensive, abominable, repulsive
observe examine, study, scrutinize
obsolete extinct, dated, antiquated
obstinate stubborn, bullheaded, adamant
odd peculiar, weird, strange
offend displease, affront, disgust
ominous threatening, menacing
opaque obscure, murky, unclear
open begin, unfold, originate
opponent enemy, rival, foe
optimistic hopeful, confident
optional voluntary, elective
ordinary usual, average
outrageous preposterous, shocking
outstanding extraordinary, distinguished