Using BRING in English


Present Past Past Participle
Bring Brought Brought

to take or carry someone or something to a place or a person

  • You should bring enough money with you.
  • I can bring what is necessary for the picnic.
  • I always bring my children with me when I go to anywhere.
  • Don’t forget to bring necessary materials for the experiment when you come to the school.
  • I asked the waiter to bring the menu.
  • I’m sorry to bring you that news.

to cause, result in, or produce a state or condition

  • We expect you to bring many years of experiences to your new job.
  • The floods brought many destructions to the country.
  • The manager brought the meeting to a close.
  • Sad events bring tears to people’s eyes.
  • Nobody knows what the future will bring for us.

to make or begin as part of an official legal process

  • Despite the fact that the crimes were so serious, the police decided not to bring charges.
  • Too many charges are brought against the defendant.

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