Using OBTAIN in English



Present|Past|Past Participle


Meaning-1: to get or acquire, to attain, to gain, to win, to earn something, especially by asking for it, buying it, working for it, or producing it from something else.


  • To obtain your desires, you must know how to work efficiently
  • The students were turning around the teacher in order to obtain a role in the sketch.
  • The prime minister has obtained information about what is happening in the city.
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  • Glass is briefly obtained from sand, soda and lime composition.
  • Police did not obtain a result from the effort to persuade a criminal.
  • Do you know how that money was obtained?
  • You will obtain more income over time.
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  • Where can I obtain a map of this city?
  • I should obtain permission from the authorities for this operation.
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  • I am trying to obtain a passport.
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Meaning-2: To be inĀ  existence, to be customary, valid, or accepted

Working conditions obtain in many workplaces.

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  • A new law obtains in this case.
  • Working conditions obtain in many workplaces.