Adjective List and Types

Adjective List and Types

This post include 450 adjectives and types. Please follow detailed adjective list and types;

Word Type Word Type
used adjective several adjective
useful  adjective hot adjective
scared  adjective cute adjective
huge  adjective serious adjective
poor adjective actual adjective
private adjective, noun separate adjective, verb, noun
western adjective, noun  alone adjective, adverb
familiar adjective, noun official adjective, noun
perfect adjective, verb, noun bright adjective, adverb, noun

Word Type Word Type
broad adjective, noun comfortable adjective, noun
happy adjective impossible adjective
interesting  adjective rare adjective
powerful adjective federal adjective
healthy adjective similar adjective
round adjective, noun, adverb sharp adjective, verb, adverb
thick adjective, adverb, noun wise adjective, verb, idiom
equivalent adjective, noun initial adjective, noun, verb
narrow adjective, verb, noun nearby adjective, adverb
proud adjective, idiom spiritual adjective, noun
wild adjective, adverb, noun  adult adjective, noun
apart adjective, adverb brief adjective, noun, verb
crazy adjective, noun, idiom prior adjective, noun, idiom
old  adjective emotional adjective
content adjective, verb, noun due adjective, noun, adverb
effective adjective, noun middle adjective, noun
regular adjective, noun fast adjective, adverb, verb
independent adjective, noun original adjective, noun
wide adjective, adverb beautiful adjective, noun, interjection
complete adjective, verb active adjective, noun
political  adjective entire adjective
significant  adjective different adjective
secret adjective, noun  tough adjective, noun
brown adjective, noun, verb cheap adjective, adverb
deep adjective, noun, adverb objective adjective, noun
secure adjective, verb thin adjective, adverb, verb
chemical adjective, noun cool adjective, adverb, noun
every  adjective large adjective
extreme adjective, noun exact adjective, verb
available  adjective popular adjective
able  adjective basic adjective
known  adjective various adjective
intelligent  adjective interesting adjective
responsible  adjective recent adjective
willing  adjective nice adjective
wonderful  adjective impossible adjective
serious  adjective huge adjective
rare adjective  technical adjective
typical adjective  competitive adjective
major adjective, noun, verb personal adjective, noun
current adjective, noun left adjective, adverb
national adjective, noun least adjective, adverb
natural adjective, noun, adverb physical adjective, noun
accurate adjective  capable adjective
dangerous adjective  dramatic adjective
efficient adjective powerful adjective
foreign adjective hungry   adjective
practical adjective  psychological adjective
severe adjective  suitable adjective
famous adjective  pure adjective
afraid adjective obvious adjective
careful adjective latter adjective
obviously adjective unhappy adjective
acceptable adjective aggressive adjective
unfair adjective  visible adjective
alive adjective angry adjective
desperate adjective exciting adjective
friendly adjective lucky adjective
realistic adjective  sorry adjective
ugly adjective  unlikely adjective
anxious adjective comprehensive adjective
curious adjective impressive adjective
informal adjective inner adjective
pleasant adjective sexual adjective
sudden adjective terrible adjective
unable adjective weak adjective
wooden adjective asleep adjective
confident adjective conscious adjective
decent adjective  embarrassed adjective
guilty adjective  lonely adjective
mad adjective nervous adjective
odd adjective remarkable adjective
substantial adjective  suspicious adjective
tall adjective  tiny adjective
more adjective, adverb  mood noun, adjective
some adjective, pronoun, adverb one adjective, noun, pronoun
all adjective, pronoun, noun feeling noun, adjective
many adjective, noun, pronoun most adjective, noun, adverb
other adjective, noun, pronoun such adjective, adverb
even adjective, verb, adverb new   adjective, adverb
just adjective, adverb good adjective, noun, adverb
any adjective, adverb each adjective, adverb
much adjective, adverb own adjective, verb
great adjective, noun, adverb another adjective, pronoun
same adjective, pronoun, adverb few   adjective, noun, pronoun
free adjective, adverb, verb right adjective, adverb, noun
still adjective, noun, adverb best adjective, adverb, noun
public adjective, noun human adjective, noun
both adjective, adverb local adjective, noun
sure adjective, adverb better adjective, adverb, noun
general adjective, noun specific adjective, noun
enough adjective, adverb, interjection  long adjective, noun, adverb
small adjective, adverb  less adjective, adverb, preposition
high adjective, noun, adverb certain adjective, pronoun
little adjective, adverb  common adjective, noun
next   adjective, adverb, noun simple adjective, noun
hard adjective, adverb past adjective, noun, preposition
big adjective, noun possible adjective, noun
particular adjective, noun real adjective, adverb, noun
pure adjective famous adjective
practical  adjective foreign adjective
dramatical  adjective accurate adjective
legal adjective global adjective
short adjective, adverb, noun last adjective, adverb, noun
single adjective, noun, verb individual adjective, noun
main adjective, noun potential adjective, noun
difficult  adjective several adjective
united  adjective historical adjective
useful  adjective additional adjective
financial  adjective medical adjective
traditional  adjective federal adjective
professional adjective, noun international adjective, noun
lower adjective, adverb open adjective, verb, noun
according adjective, verb alternative adjective, noun
special adjective, noun working adjective, noun
true adjective, adverb, verb whole adjective, noun, adverb
clear adjective, adverb, verb dry adjective, verb, noun
easy adjective, adverb, interjection cold adjective, noun, adverb
commercial adjective, noun full adjective, adverb, noun
low adjective, noun, adverb primary adjective, noun
worth adjective, noun necessary adjective, noun
positive adjective, noun present adjective, noun, verb
close adjective, adverb, verb creative adjective, noun
strong  adjective actual adjective
successful  adjective electrical adjective
expensive  adjective pregnant adjective
green adjective, noun, verb  late adjective, adverb, noun
fit adjective, verb, noun glad adjective, noun
proper adjective, adverb, noun  complex adjective, noun, verb
negative adjective, noun, interjection safe adjective, noun
numerous adjective  sufficient adjective
unusual adjective consistent adjective
cultural adjective  existing adjective
visual adjective, noun wrong adjective, adverb, noun
ago adjective, adverb quick adjective, adverb, noun
ready adjective, verb straight adjective, adverb, noun
critical adjective electronic adjective
immediate adjective  whose adjective
aware adjective  educational adjective
environmental adjective global adjective
legal adjective relevant adjective
white adjective, noun, verb direct adjective, adverb, verb
excellent adjective, interjection extra adjective, adverb, noun
junior adjective, noun pretty adjective, adverb, noun
unique adjective, noun classic adjective, noun
distinct adjective eastern adjective
logical adjective reasonable adjective
strict adjective  successfully adjective
administrative adjective automatic adjective
civil adjective  former adjective
massive adjective  southern adjective
final adjective, noun  overall adjective, adverb, noun
flat adjective, adverb, noun rich adjective, noun
warm adjective, verb young adjective, noun
heavy adjective, noun, adverb  valuable adjective, noun
correct adjective, verb  leading adjective, noun
slow adjective, adverb, verb clean adjective, adverb, verb
fresh adjective, adverb normal adjective, noun
fair adjective, adverb, noun  fine adjective, adverb, verb
formal adjective, noun, adverb  opposite adjective, noun, preposition
remote adjective, noun total adjective, noun, verb
vast adjective, noun lost adjective, verb, idiom
smooth adjective, adverb, verb dark adjective, noun, idiom
double adjective, noun, verb equal adjective, noun, verb
firm adjective, verb, adverb frequent adjective, verb
internal adjective, noun sensitive adjective, noun
constant adjective, noun minor adjective, noun, verb
previous adjective, idiom  raw   adjective, noun, idiom
soft adjective, noun, adverb  solid adjective, noun
weird adjective, noun amazing adjective, verb
annual adjective, noun busy adjective, verb
dead adjective, noun, adverb false adjective, adverb, idiom
rough adjective, noun, adverb sad adjective, noun
sick adjective, noun, idiom strange adjective, adverb
external adjective, noun illegal adjective, noun
loud adjective, adverb mobile adjective, noun
nasty adjective, noun  ordinary adjective, noun
royal adjective, noun senior   adjective, noun
super adjective, adverb, noun tight adjective, adverb
upper adjective, noun yellow adjective, noun, verb
dependent adjective, noun funny adjective, noun
gross adjective, adverb, verb ill adjective, adverb, noun
spare adjective, noun, verb sweet adjective, noun
upstairs adjective, noun  usual adjective, noun
brave adjective, noun, verb calm adjective, noun, verb
dirty adjective, verb  downtown adjective, adverb, noun
grand adjective, noun honest adjective, adverb
loose adjective, verb male adjective, noun
quiet adjective, noun, verb brilliant adjective, noun
dear adjective, noun, adverb drunk adjective, noun
empty adjective, verb, noun female adjective, noun
inevitable adjective, noun neat adjective, noun
ok adjective, adverb, noun representative adjective, noun
silly adjective, noun slight adjective, verb, noun
smart adjective, verb, noun stupid adjective, noun
temporary adjective, noun weekly adjective, adverb, noun
that pronoun, adjective, adverb this pronoun, adjective, adverb
what pronoun, adjective, adverb which pronoun, adjective
time noun, adjective, verb  these pronoun, adjective
work noun, adjective, verb only adverb, adjective, conjunction
first adverb, adjective over preposition, adjective
business noun, adjective game noun, adjective, verb
think verb, adjective, noun after preposition, adjective, adverb
life noun, adjective  day noun, adjective
home noun, adjective, adverb  economy noun, adjective
away adverb, adjective either conjunction, adjective
fat noun, adjective, verb key noun, adjective, verb
training noun, adjective top noun, adjective, verb
level noun, adjective, verb far adverb, adjective
fun noun, adjective, verb house noun, adjective, verb
kind noun, adjective future noun, adjective
action noun, adjective live verb, adjective, adverb
period noun, adjective subject noun, adjective, adverb
mean verb, adjective, noun stock noun, adjective, verb
chance noun, adjective, verb beginning noun, adjective, verb
upset verb, adjective chicken noun, adjective
head noun, adjective, verb material noun, adjective
salt noun, adjective, verb  car noun, adjective
appropriate verb, adjective inside noun, adjective, preposition
outside noun, adjective, preposition standard noun, adjective
medium noun, adjective choice noun, adjective
north noun, adjective, adverb  square noun, adjective, adverb
born verb, adjective, past particple  capital noun, adjective
shot noun, adjective front noun, adjective, verb
living noun, adjective plastic noun, adjective


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