Collective Nouns – Persons

Collective Nouns, Common Used Collective Nouns for People, etc… Please follow the list for detailed expressions, lists and examples;

What is Collective Noun?

Collective noun is a noun which describes a group of things oe people. It means collective noun is a single noun that is made up of  more than one thing or person or etc. For example: family, group, herd, team.


  •   The teacher gave the whole class extra homework for a week. 
  •    The aircraft carries a crew of six.
  •   We are meeting a group of friends for dinner tonight.
  •   Our team came third in the competition.

Collective Nouns Used For People
a band of musicians
a bevy of ladies
a board of directors
a body of men
a bunch of crocks
a caravan of gypsies
a choir of singers
a class of students
a company of actors
a congregation of worshippers
a crew of sailors
a crowd of people
a dynasty of kings
a gang of prisoners
a group of dancers
a horde of savages
a host of angels
a line of kings
a mob of rioters
a pack of thieves
a party of friends
a patrol of policemen
a posse of policemen
a regiment of soldiers
a staff of employees
a team of players
a tribe of natives
a troop of scouts
a troupe of artistes

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