Collective Nouns – Things

Collective Nouns, Common Used Collective Nouns for Things, etc… Please follow the list for detailed expressions, lists and examples;

What is Collective Noun?

Collective noun is a noun which describes a group of things oe people. It means collective noun is a single noun that is made up of  more than one thing or person or etc.

 For example: album, block, set, pair.


  •   We’ve put the best wedding photos into an album.
  •   There’s quite a collection of toothbrushes in the bathroom.
  •   The doctor said that he hadn’t seen this particular set of symptoms before.
  •   The children got lost in the forest.

Collective Nouns Used For Things
an album of photographs
an anthology of poems
an archipelago of islands
a bale of cotton
a basket of fruit
a batch of bread
a battery of guns
a block of flats
a book of notes
a bouquet of flowers
a bowl of rice
a bunch of keys
a bundle of sticks
a catalogue of prices
a chest of drawers
a cluster of coconuts
a cloud of dust
a clump of bushes
a collection of coins
a comb of bananas
a galaxy of stars
a group of islands
a fleet of ships
a forest of trees
a hail of bullets
a hand of bananas
a harvest of wheat
a heap of rubbish
a hedge of bushes
a library of books
an outfit of clothes
an orchard of fruit trees
a pack of cards
a packet of letters
a pair of shoes
a quiver of arrows
a range of mountains
a ream of paper
a reel of film
a set of clubs
a sheaf of grain
a shower of rain
a stack of wood
a string of pearls
a wad of notes

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