Most Important Prepositions and Examples

In English, Most Important Preposition List and Examples Sentences. Please follow the detailed list;

Verb + Preposition Example Sentences
agree on (something) Ok, We agree on that point.
agree with (a person) I agree with you on that matter.
approve of Jane approves of exercising.
arrive at/in They arrived in London last afternoon.
complain about You mustn't complain about your situation.
consent to He consented to his father's behaviours.
comment on He commented on his new car.

Verb + Preposition Example Sentences
consist of The house consist of seven rooms.
depend on  He can’t depend on his father to keep giving his earned money.
laugh at They laughed at my thoughtless behavior.
object to Do you object to her smoking?
succeed in She succeeded in making everyone satisfied.
compare …. with/to Do not compare me with/to my father.
excuse … for You must excuse the teacher for being late.
prefer … to He prefers football to basketball.
remind … of She reminded me of his today appointment.
thank … for I thanked her for letting me use her house for one day.
be afraid of Michel is afraid of snakes.
be accustomed to I was accustomed to seeing her every night.
be aware of Are you aware of her matter?
be bored with George is bored with work.
be certain of You cannot be certain of the date.
be disappointed  with Martin was disappointed with that supermarket.
be familiar with Is Profesor Albert familiar with that new technique?
be famous for MilkShay is famous for its milk.
be frightened by Do not be frightened by the thunder.
be happy with Ketty is happy with her new car.
be in favor of Are you in favor of this issue?
be interested in Helen is interested in new work for changing her life.
be opposed to He is really opposed to buying unnecessary maaterials at your home.
be satisfied with She is not satisfied with her new car.
be surprised at/by Do not be surprised at her behaviour.
be tired of Jean is very tired of working in the garden.
be worried about Nolan is worried about his sick dog.
according to According to news, the president resigned.
along with Can you take this package, along with these materials, to the police station?
as well as I like watching baseball as well as basketball.
because of  The game was cancelled because of the rain.
by means of  Human beings communicate with each other by means of language.
by way of Ketty went to Toronto by way of Houston.
in addition to  In additon to poem, Mery writes short stories.
in case of In case of fire, pull this alarm.
in consideration of In consideration of all her help, I would like to take she to lunch.
in contrast to/with In contrast to last winter, This winter is very cold.
in deference to In deference to her age, we did not argue with her.
in hopes of You came here in hopes of meeting the your family.
in lieu of She gave an written examination in lieu of a oral examination.
in pursuit of The police were in pursuit of the guilty.
in search of They went into the big forest in search of dog.
in spite of In spite of rain, We wen to the picnic.
in the face of In the face of very cold weather, Migratory birds moved to a new location.
in terms of She is very luck in terms of her family.

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