Sentences for Perfect, Sentences with Perfect Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Perfect, Sentences with Perfect Meaning and Synonym Words



  • Make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.(transitive verb)
  • The perfect tense.(noun)
  • Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.(adjective)

improve, make perfect, bring to perfection, better, polish, polish up, burnish, hone, refine, consummate, put the final touches to, put the finishing touches to, ameliorate, brush up, fine-tune, ideal, model, without fault, faultless, flawless, consummate, quintessential, exemplary, best, best-example, ultimate, copybook, absolute, complete, total, real, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, downright, utter, sheer, consummate, unmitigated, unqualified, veritable, in every respect, unalloyed,

Example Sentences with perfect
  • The past is always tense, the future perfect.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.
  • Most maidens are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves in my experience, at least the ones worth something, in any case.
  • All the colors in the picture were in perfect harmony.
  • They worked in perfect harmony.
  • You can’t always get the perfect moment. Sometimes, you just have to do the best you can under the circumstances.
  • In brief, I think the birthday party was perfect.
  • Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.
  • Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle.
  • Did you ever lay out plans for stitching babies and stray cats into a Perfect New Human?
  • Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.
  • The rope of pearls was glowing, when I first saw it I thought it would fit your neck perfectly.