Sentences for Sing, Sentences with Sing Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Sing, Sentences with Sing Meaning and Synonym Words



  • Make musical sounds with the voice, especially words with a set tune.(verb)
  • Make a high-pitched whistling or buzzing sound.(verb)
  • Act as an informer to the police.(verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)

chant, intone, croon, carol, chorus, warble, trill, pipe, quaver, inform, inform on someone, tell tales, tell tales on someone, praise, laud, extol, glorify, eulogize, reverence, honour, pay tribute to, pay homage to, salute, hymn, sing,

Example Sentences with sing
  • The singer will have been prepared until the concert.
  • She not only dance extraordinary but also sing perfectly.
  • How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
  • Steve admires Jessica’s singing ability.
  • single feat of daring can alter the whole conception of what is possible.
  • To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.
  • The famous artist will be going on a tour worldwide to sing his songs.
  • Please stop listening to this disturbing noise. Even a door squeak sounds more beautiful than your weird K-Pop singers.
  • There’s no need to hang back we can sing as well as anyone.