Telephone Conversation in English

This post include telephone conversation examples in English. Please follow the list for detailed expressions and examples;


Answering the phone:

  • Good morning/Good afternoon/ Good evening/ Hello!
  • England PC Services. ( This is ) Sarah speaking.
  • Sarah speaking.
  • How can/could/may I help you?

Asking for the caller’s name:

  • Who’s calling, please?
  • Could I take your name, please?
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  • Hello, caller. Could/May I have your name, please?

Introducing yourself:

  • Hello! This is Kevin Jelf calling.
  • Hello, this is Kevin Jelf from Friend Tecnology Firm.
  • My name is Kevin Jelf from England PC Services. 

Asking for someone or something:

  • Could/May/Can I speak to Charles Steven, please?
  • I’d like to speak to Charles Steven, please.
  • Could you put me through to Charles Steven , please?
  • Could I speak to someone who …
  • I am just calling to say…

Asking the person who is being called for the phone call:

If the person who is about to receive the call is available, you can ask;

  • Mr Steven? I’ve got a Mr Kevin Jelf on the line for you from Friend Tecnology Firm. Will you take the call?”
  • And the person can reply your question like this;

The person’s answering for the phone call:

If the person who is about to receive the call is available, you can ask;

  • Yes, please put him though. / I’m not available right now.

Connecting someone:

  • One moment (Just a second or moment), please.
  • I’ll see if he is in or if Mr Steven is available.
  • Please hold on. I will get you through him.
  • Could you hold the line, please?
  • Please, hold the line.
  • Certainly, Mr KevinJelf. I’ll just put you through.
  • Of course, Mr Jelf. I’ll just see if he’s available.
  • Mr Jelf? Thank you for holding. I’m just putting you through to Mr Steven.
  • I’ll put you through.
  • I’ll connect you.
  • I’m connecting you now.

Explaining absence:

  • I’m afraid Mr Steven isn’t in at the moment.
  • I’m sorry, he’s in a meeting at the moment.
  • I’m afraid he’s on another line at the moment.
  • I’m sorry but Mr Steven is away on business until Thursday.
  • I am sorry you have dialed a wrong number.
  • He is not in office now.

Taking a message:

  • I am sorry, Mr Steven is out/ busy at the moment.
  • Can I ask who is calling?
  • Can I take a message?
  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • Can I give him/her a message?
  • I will let him know you called.
  • Is there anyone else you would like to speak to?
  • I’ll tell Mr Steven that you called.
  • I’ll ask him to call you as soon as possible.
  • If you’d like to give me your number, I’ll ask her to call you back.
  • Could you call again after 2 hours?.

Leaving a message with someone:

  • Yes, it is Kevin Jelf here. Could you ask him to call me when he is available.
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  • My number is…
  • No, that is okay. I will call back later.
  • Could you tell her that her friend Kevin called?
  • No, that’s all, thank you.
  • Thank you very much, you’ve been very helpful.

Problems/Making special request:

  • I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you repeat that, please?
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well.
  • Could you speak up a little, please?
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  • I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong number.
  • I’ve tried to get through several times but it’s always engaged.
  • Could you spell that, please?
  • Sorry, my English is not good. Could you speak a little slower?
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  • Could I ask you to spell your surname for me, please?
  • I’m so sorry. The line is very bad this end.
  • Could I ask you to repeat your name, please?
  • Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Could you say your name again, please?

Confirming information:

  • Let me repeat that just to make sure.

Finishing a conversation:

  • Thanks for calling. Bye for now.
  • I need to hang up now.
  • I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.
  • Thank you for calling, Mr Steven. Good bye.
  • Thank you for calling Friend Tecnology Firm. Have a nice day!

Notes:  (for formal language)

  • A person who identifies himself/herself by phone can say: “My name is…”, “This is…” or “It’s…”, but never: “I’m…”.
  • British English use speak  with “to”, American English use speak with  “with”.
  • If the caller is a woman, we had better to use the Ms title (this is a neutral alternative for Miss and Mrs) instead of saying “It’s Mary Smith here“.


Listening to an answering machine:

  • Hello! You have reach 111-6734. Please leave a message after the beep/tone.
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    Thank you.

Leaving a message on an answering machine:

  • Hello! This is Kevin calling for Charles. Could you please return my call as soon as possible? My number is 571- 6325. Thank you.


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