Beat Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Beat V1 V2 V3

Beat Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Beat V1 V2 V3



  • Strike (a person or an animal) repeatedly and violently so as to hurt or injure them, typically with an implement such as a club or whip.(transitive verb)
  • Defeat (someone) in a game or other competitive situation.(transitive verb)
  • Succeed in getting somewhere ahead of (someone)(transitive verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)
Verb – es(Ves)Verb – ing(Ving)

hit, strike, batter, thump, hammer, punch, knock, thrash, pound, pummel, slap, smack, crack, thwack, cuff, buffet, maul, pelt, drub, rain blows on, defeat, conquer, win against, get the better of, vanquish, trounce, rout, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, overthrow, subdue, quash, crush, pulsate, pulse, palpitate, vibrate, throb, reverberate, flap, flutter, move up and down, thresh, thrash, wave, shake, swing, agitate, quiver, tremble, vibrate, oscillate, whisk, mix, blend, whip, stir, fold, change course, change direction, change heading, stress, emphasis, accentuation, force, prominence, flutter, fluttering, beat, beating, waving, shaking, flailing, circuit, round, course, route, way, path, orbit, tour, turn, stop, cessation, break, halt, stoppage, standstill, interruption, check, lull, respite, stay, breathing space, discontinuation, discontinuance, hiatus, gap, lapse, lapse of time, interlude, intermission, interval, entr’acte, exhausted, tired out, worn out, weary, dog-tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, ready to drop, on one’s last legs, asleep on one’s feet, drained, fatigued, enervated, debilitated, spent,

Example Sentences with beat
  • A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
  • Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
  • One beats the bush, and another catches the bird.
  • To beat about the bush.
  • To beat the air.
  • Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.
  • It’s a fundamental, social attitude that the 1% supports symphonies and operas and doesn’t support Johnny learning to program hip-hop beats. When I put it like that, it sounds like, ‘Well, yeah,’ but you start to think, ‘Why not, though?’ What makes one more valuable than another?
  • You can’t beat the beehive for glam punkette attitude.
  • I just try to try to keep an attitude that I don’t know what I’m doing. Not to the point where I’m beating myself up, but I just go in thinking that I have a lot to learn. And I hope I still have that attitude 30 years from now.
  • Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.