Fish Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Fish V1 V2 V3

Fish Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Fish V1 V2 V3



  • A limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins and living wholly in water.(noun)
  • Catch or try to catch fish, typically by using a net or hook and line.(intransitive verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)
Verb – es(Ves)Verb – ing(Ving)

go fishing, angle, cast, trawl,

Example Sentences with fish
  • I dislike fishing. Besides , I don’t own a boat.
  • We went fishing after school.
  • I’ve never been fishing.
  • George is chopping heads off fish.
  • I don’t even like fish.
  • Which did you eat, fish or meat?
  • We will eat fish in the evening, my father will cook it.
  • The best fish swim near the bottom.
  • Some fish live in fresh water, while others live in salt water.
  • I live in a small fishing village.
  • Five fine fresh fish for Alice.
  • I live in a tiny fishing village.
  • We liked the food, especially the fish.
  • We occasionally go fishing.
  • I can teach you how to fish if you want.
  • They often eat fish raw.
  • Please freeze the fish and meat.
  • My father woke up early in the morning to realize his biggest dream, now we have a huge aquarium with colorful fish in our house.
  • I don’t like fried fish.
  • My wife fried fish in salad oil.
  • Do you prefer meat or fish?
  • A bat is not a bird any more than a fish is.
  • I nearly choked on a fishbone.
  • Classifying thoughts, feelings and behaviors as diseases is a logical and semantic error, like classifying whale as fish.
  • We liked the food, particularly the fish.
  • All is fish that comes to his net.
  • He who would catch fish must not mind getting wet.
  • It is a silly fish, that is caught twice with the same bait.
  • It is good fishing in troubled waters.