The Most Common Used Prefixes in English – Video

The most common used english prefixes, definitions and example sentences;

Prefix Prefix Prefix
ex- dis- anti-
pre- mis- post-
auto- re- un-
im- ir- over-
semi- tri- in-
non- inter sub
super trans under
fore- mid-

Ex-Meaning; Former, older, out of, away from, lacking
Example Words; exhale, ex-wife, exauthorize, excentral
Example Sentence; His ex-wife was supposed to meet you at a friend’s home.
Dis-Meaning; Not, opposite of, reverse
Example Words; disagree, disappear, disregard, disqualified
Example Sentence; 
She was disqualified from that football competition.
Anti-Meaning; Against
Example Words; antifreeze, antipathy, antibiotic, antisocial, anti-war
Example Sentence; She took part in the anti-war demonstration.

Pre-Meaning; Before
Example Words; prefix, preschool, pre-intermediate, pre-tax
Example Sentence; Preschool prepares children for kindergarten.
Mis-Meaning; Wrong, wrongly
Example Words; misunderstand, misfire,
Example Sentence; I’m sorry but you misunderstood me.
Post-Meaning; Later
Example Words; post-office, postgraduate
Example Sentence; I will do my postgraduate work at Toronto University.
Auto-Meaning; Self,
Example Words; automatic, automobile
Example Sentence; Do you drive a manual or automatic?
Re-Meaning; Again
Example Words; return, remainder, re-useable.
Example Sentence; This vehicle is certainly re-useable.
Un-Meaning; Not
Example Words; unhappy, unfriendly
Example Sentence; You must careful about him. Him attitudes are unfriendly.
Im-Meaning; Not
Example Words; impolite, impossible
Example Sentence; I’m sorry but You are very impolite person.
Ir-Meaning; Not
Example Words; irrelevant, irregular
Example Sentence; You can use this page about irregular verbs.
Over-Meaning; Too, in excess of
Example Words; overlook, overdose
Example Sentence; This is too important to overlook.

Semi-Meaning; Half
Example Words; semifinal, semicircle, semi-final
Example Sentence; To reach the semifinal is a big achievement for our team.
Tri-Meaning; Three
Example Words; triangle
Example Sentence; You must study topics related to triangle.
In-Meaning; Not
Example Words; infield, innocent, injuctice
Example Sentence; He must speak out against injustice.


Meaning; Not
Example Words; nonsense, nonstop
Example Sentence; This plane flies nonstop to Toronto.

Inter-Meaning; Between
Example Words; international, interrupt, interrail
Example Sentence; English is an international language.
Sub-Meaning; Under
Example Words; submarine, subway, supprime
Example Sentence; She has never seen a blue submarine in my life.
Super-Meaning; Above, topping
Example Words; supernational, superclass, superstar
Example Sentence; She is one of the best superstars in the world.
Trans-Meaning; Across
Example Words; translate, transatlantic, transparent
Example Sentence; I think, this transparent liquid contains some dangerous proteins.
Under-Meaning; Below, down
Example Words; understand, undersea, underwater
Example Sentence; Can you swim underwater?
Fore-Meaning; Before
Example Words; forecast, forever
Example Sentence; The weather forecast is not necessarily reliable.
Mid-Meaning; Middle
Example Words; midway, middle
Example Sentence; When George was midway through a sentence, the mobile phone went dead.

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