Collocations With GIVE in English

Collocations list in English. Please follow the list;

Collocation” means a group of words which usually go together. To reach detailed collocation list with give in english, follow the list;

Collocations With GIVE
give a call give a chance
give a damn give a hand
give a choice give a headache
give a hug give a kiss
give a ring give a description
give a lift give a lecture
give a speech give a performance
give a ride give an advice
give an answer give an example
give an idea give a buzz
give a quess give a trip
give an opinion give birth
give credit give evidence
give notice give permission
give priority give rise to
give information give a lead
give lessons give the impression
give thought (to) give hope
give way give somebody a call
give somebody a chance give somebody a lift
give somebody a go give news
give an explanation give help