Expressing Windy Weather in English



Words Related to “wind” and Their Meanings:

Breeze is a light wind.

Gentle wind is a light wind.

Blustery means the wind blowing strongly.

a gust of wind, a blast of wind, strong wind, high wind

gust and blast means a sudden strong wind.

strong or high wind means hard wind.

light wind means the wind blowing slightly.

Brisk wind means the wind blowing quickly and actively.

Piercing wind means the wind making you fell very cold.

Easterly / Westerly / Northerly / Southerly wind is a wind blowing from the east.

Hurricane / Whirlwind / Tornado is a violent wind that has a circular movement, especially in the West Atlantic Ocean.

Twister is used as a word instead of “tornado” in U.S.

Cyclone is a violent storm, especially in Southern Hemisphere.

Windstorm / Gale is a storm with very strong wind.

Typhoon is a tropical storm, especially in the West Pacific Ocean.

Dust storm is a mass of dust and sand that has been lifted from the ground in very dry areas such as deserts and that is carried by the wind.

Sandstorm is a strong wind in a desert carrying a large amount of sand.

Tropical Storm is a storm forming over tropical oceans.

Hurricane, typhoon, cyclone are the same. However, they have different names because they are in different regions which are mentioned above. (modafinil buy com)


  • It is breezy.
  • It is a breezy day.
  • It’s terrible out.
  • It was a windy night yesterday.
  • A big storm is expected this afternoon.
  • The wind is blowing.
  • There is a strong wind.
  • It is a stormy day.
  • What strange weather we’re having!
  • It doesn’t look very nice outside today.
  • The storm raged and then the cyclone overwhelmed the area.
  • There is a gentle wind outside.
  • It is a blustery day.
  • A gust of wind blew the child’s umbrella upward.
  • Suddenly a brisk wind blew.
  • People will shiver in the piercing wind.
  • This city was hit by a hurricane.
  • The buildings were very damaged during the typhoon.
  • We can see many dust storms in deserts or very dry areas.
  • The sandstorm carried a large amount of sand in the desert yesterday.