Most Important Academic Verbs

A verb is the action word in the sentence or clause.

Example: He commonly gets up early. (get up is the verb)

This post include Most important and Using Academic Verb List. Please follow the list;

Verb Verb Verb Verb
analyze assess approach assume
abbreviate abstract according audience
contract categorize conclude conduct
construct consume create define
derive distribute establish estimate
function identify indicate interpret
involve legislate occur process
complete compose composition conceive
concise  conclusion concrete conditions 
conduct  consequence consider consistently
require  respond achieve administer
affect assist evaluate focus
invest maintain obtain participate
perceive purchase regulate restrict
seek select survey transfer
alternate compensate consent term
constitutes consult contend context
contradict  convert convey correlate
constrain contribute coordinate deduct
demonstrate document emphasize exclude
fund illustrate imply interact

Verb Verb Verb Verb
justify link locate publish
react rely remove validate
specify access attribute commit
communicate contrast emerge grant
implement impose integrate investigate
occupy predict promote resolve
respond  restate  results  reveal
review  revise  root  rule
retain adjust  alter amend
challenge compound consult contact
decline enable enforce entitle
evolve expand expose facilitate
expository  extract  fact  factor
figurative figure focus footer
refer  reflect  regular  relate
relationship  relevant  report  represent
form formulate fragment frame
frequently general genre graphic
generate modify monitor orientate
pursue stabilize substitute target
set  show  signal  significance
simile  skim  solve  source
spatial specific  speculate  stance
standard  state  strategy  structure
study  style  subject  subsequent 
acknowledge allocate assign cooperate
exceed inhibit precede reveal
adapt advocate aid channel
classify comprehend comprise confirm
convert differentiate eliminate insert
intervene isolate prioritize prohibit
publish reverse submit survive
chart clarify contradict detect
deviate explore guide reinforce
restore accommodate anticipate attain
confine diminish refine found
claim argue state indicate
feature quotation  rank  rare
rarely reaction  recall  reduce
representative  request  require  requisite
scan score sequence  series


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