Phrasal Verbs – PUT

Using, Definition and Examples; Put away, put off, put by, put (sb) down, put (sb) through, put on, put up with. Follow the list;

Put ( sth) off:

Meaning: to decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date


  • Last year, the election was put off for one week.
  • You should not put off studying for the math’s exam because the exam is tomorrow.
  • The flights in many countries will put off due to the bad weather conditions.

Put (sb) off:

Meaning: to make someone dislike something or someone, or to discourage someone from doing something:


  • The smell of this liquid adhesive always put me off.
  • Sitting at the computer for a long time put a lot of people off.
  • My boy friend’s behaviours put me right off him.

Put up with:

Meaning: to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly, to tolerate


  • I can not put up with the things that are dirty.
  • I don’t understand why John puts up with his wife because she is crazy.
  • How has Alice put up with their complaints?

Put up:

Meaning: to stay somewhere or to place in a specified location


  • They will put up at a hotel in the city center tomorrow.
  • Mary and Paul put up at a small summerhouse for the night.
  • The teacher put up the book on the table and start to write important things on the board.

Put on:

Meaning: to dress, wear or to place a garment, jewellery, etc. on part of one’s body


  • The child put on a coat and shoes to go outside.
  • Lisa will put on a cotton dress at the party.
  • Don’t forget to put on your hat when you go out. The weather is very sunny.
  • Put the socks on your feet, please. Otherwise you will be sick.

Put (sb) through:

Meaning: to connect a person using a phone to the person they want to speak


  • I put through all phone calls at this company in the past.
  • The operator put me through to an authorized person.
  • Could you put me through to customer services, please?

Put (sb) down:

Meaning: to make someone feel silly or not important by criticizing them


  • The child angrily asked his mother that did you have to put me down in front of everybody like that?
  • You are always putting me down.
  • Teachers should not put their students down in front of their friends.
  • I feel put down when you behave like that.
  • Stop putting yourself down. You’re a very intelligent woman.

Put down:

Meaning-1: to write something on a piece of paper


  • Could you put your phone number down on the paper, please?
  • Put your name down on the list.

Meaning-2: to put someone or something onto a surface, especially the floor


  • Susan put her school’s bag down and went outside.
  • I’m putting the books down.

Put ( sth) aside/by:

Meaning: to save an amount of money to use later:


  • I and my wife put by a few pounds every week.
  • You should try to put by some money. You may need it in the future.
  • As a family, we need to teach children how to put money aside.
  • He  tries to put a little by each month for bills.

Put ( sth) away:

Meaning: to put something in the place or container where it is usually kept, to tidy


  • Please,put your toys away now.
  • He put the notebook away and stood up.
  • She put away the dress in the box after the wedding.

Put ( sth/sb) forward:

Meaning: to state an idea or opinion, or to suggest a plan or person, for other people to consider


  • We expect you to put forward serious proposals.
  • They do not seem  to be convinced by the arguments that he put forward.
  • She wanted us to put her name forward as a donor.
  • The peace plan will be put forward in the following days.