8 Phrasal Verbs for EDUCATION in English

8 Phrasal Verbs for EDUCATION in English

Catch up with

Improve and reach the same standard as other people

I need to catch up with Mary.


Take up

Start doing a new activity

Mark taken up football yesterday.


Read up on

Study something by reading a lot about it

I was very interested in the topic of the class so at home I read up on it.


Copy out

Write sth again exactly as it was written

They always copy out sentences from a book.


Hand out

Give sth to each person in a group

Would you hand these papers out for me?


Be into

Be interested in sth in active way

Are you into Spanish?


Fall behind

make less progress than others

If you fall behind, you do not make progress.


Go over

Check something carefully

I’m not sure that I understand. Go over it again.