Connectors in English – Contrast

Contrast Connector List;

On the other handOn the contrary
Even soNotwithstanding
At the same timeAlternatively
ConverselyBy contrast
In contrastBut
Whereas Although
 Even though Despite / In spite of


It is used to indicate a contrast or contradiction.


That man has much money. However, he isn’t happy at all.

She sings very well. However, she is a stutterer.

I respect my best friend’s ideas however we do not have the same thoughts.

On the other hand

It is used to say something that is different from the first thing mentioned.


I like playing football. On the other hand, my brother likes playing basketball.

This private school is very expensive.

On the other hand, education of the school is very well.

We had no money but, on the other hand, we were very happy.

Even so

It is used to indicate something that is unusual or extreme.


This hypothesis is true, but even so, further research is required.

This dive may be dangerous for us, even so, we have to do it.

Your thoughts are very fanciful, but even so, they are worth to imagine.


It is used to show that two ideas are opposing one another.


Though it is not exactly accurate information, it is said that there are 3 workers under the dent.

Though the meal was spicy, it was really delicious.

Though he loves his teacher very much, he did not get used to his friends.

At the same time

It is used for two things which happen together.


This is so people can watch TV and play playstation games at the same time.

Child’s story made us cry and laugh at the same time.

I study architecture at university. At the same time, I work part-time at a firm.


It means in place of something or someone else.

Examples:There is no chocolate now, I can give you some sugar instead.

Would you like to go to another place instead of cinema?

Instead of complaining, you should try to be a constructivist.


It is used to express an idea that is different from or opposite the other idea mentioned before.


I thought she would not come to the party; conversely, she came to the party with her boy friend.

Women want a lot of things from their husbands. Conversely, men don’t want many things from their wifes.

His family made a lot of effort to make their son’s lessons better, conversely, he never made any effort.

In contrast

It is used to compare two things or people and to say that the second one is very different from the first one.

Examples:This child is short and fat. In contrast, her sister is tall and thin.

Some people are extroverts. In contrast, some people are introverts.

In contrast to his big brother, he speaks English very well.


It is used to add something that is surprising after the first sentence which are mentioned before.


It’s a long-term business, yet it’s more fun than other jobs.

The weather was snowy, yet it was not cold.

That woman was short and overweight, yet somehow, she was attractive.


It is used for comparing two things which have significant differences from each other .


Chicken meat is white, whereas cow meat is red.

You can do what you want outdoors, whereas it’s impossible to do them at home.

Her hair has a natural wave, whereas her sister’s hair just straight.

Even though

It is used as a stronger way to say “though” or “although”.


He always gets the highest grade from the courses, even though he does not work regularly.

Even though I met all the criteria needed for the job, I was not hired.

My father will go to the work, even though he has two painful operations.


It is used to say something which contrasts with what has just been said.


The place was so beautiful; nevertheless, we did not want to spend our holiday in here.

They lost the game; nevertheless, they continued to play.

It is a very crowded city. Nevertheless, thousands of migrants come to the city each year.

On the contrary

It is used to show that a thought or feel which is the opposite of what has just stated.


  • A: “Have you written the letter?”
  • B: On the contrary, I have not even started writing.

I’m not sad; on the contrary, I’m very happy.

This election will not bring prosperity to the country. On the contrary, chaos will increase.


It means despite the thing mentioned.


He continues to exhibit the same behaviors, our warnings notwithstanding.

These drugs seem to be different, notwithstanding having same contents.

Notwithstandig two players getting red card, the team won the game.


It is used to show what the result will be if the thing or condition, mentioned before, does not occur.


I had better study for my exams. Otherwise, I won’t pass the courses.

Leave my house now, otherwise I will call the police.

Tke your umbrella, otherwise you will get wet.


It is used to propose another possibility.


You can play football. Alternatively, you can go to the cinema with me.

They can call us to contact, or  alternatively, they can send an email to us.

I think we can go far away for vacation, or alternatively, we can go where we went last year.


It is used to link two contradictory thoughts.


He worked with very little salary but he was happy with his job nonetheless.

She did not like teaching, but she became a teacher nonetheless.

The food was unsalted,but it was nonetheless delicious.

By contrast

It is used for the act of comparing in order to show differences.


David is unaware of what is around. By contrast, Lisa is very cautious.

Children like crowds. By contrast, elders prefer solitude.

My daughter is very active. By contrast, my son is so moody.


It is used to add statement which is different from what you have said before.


I know the answer to the problem, but I do not know why it is.

He is a very handsome but he is very rude person.

They heard us but they did not understand what we said.


It means “during the time” or “throughout the time”.


While Jakson was in London, he went to see Jully.

While you were pregnant, my little girl was one year old.

While you were talking on the phone, the door was knocked.


It is used for introducing a new statement that makes main statement surprising.


Although no body is at home, some sounds are coming from the house.

Although she loves her job, she decided to quit her job.

Although he works hard, he is not successful in the course.

Despite / In spite of

It is used to show something which happen without being affected by something else.


I can manage to stay cheerful despite everything.

In spite of warnings, he did not take any precautions.

That man is very stingy, despite having a lot of money.


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