” in case of ” vs ” in the event of ” in English


We use both of them as a phrase to say what we should do if or when something happens. 

We can say for both;

  •  They have the same meaning and usage.

The structures of ” in case of ” and ” in the event of “;

 In Case Of + A Noun 

 In The Event Of + A Noun 


  • “in case of “ is used in a particular situation, especially on official notices.  

In other words, ” in case of ” is generally not used except in formal notices and announcements or in specific situations.  

If you have to choose between the two in a question about official notices, choose “in case of”. Even so, both of them have same meaning.

  • “in the event of” is more formal than “in case of”. And this is more common in writting. 

You can see some examples related to using ” in case of / in the event of “ below;


  •    These lamps light in case of / in the event of danger.
  •    In case of / in the event of first aid, don’t stir injured person.
  •    In case of  / in the event of emergency, push the button.
  •    The concert will be canceled, in case of  / in the event of rain. 
  •    In case of    In the event of breakdown, I can call you for help.

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