Sentences for Calm, Sentences with Calm Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Calm, Sentences with Calm Meaning and Synonym Words



  • Make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.(transitive verb)
  • The absence of violent or confrontational activity within a place or group.(noun)
  • The absence of wind.(noun)

soothe, pacify, placate, mollify, appease, conciliate, tranquillity, stillness, calmness, quiet, quietness, quietude, peace, peacefulness, serenity, silence, hush, stillness, tranquillity, calm, calmness, lull, silence, windlessness, oppressiveness, heaviness, serene, tranquil, relaxed, unruffled, unperturbed, unflustered, undisturbed, unagitated, unmoved, unbothered, untroubled, windless, still, tranquil, quiet, serene, peaceful, pacific, undisturbed, restful, balmy, halcyon,

Example Sentences with calm
  • It appears the storm has calmed down.
  • Let’s try and stay calm.
  • My father looked calm, but actually he was very nervous.
  • We’ve got to calm down.
  • Samuel is trying to stay calm.
  • Anderson did his best to stay calm.
  • Alex kept quite calm.
  • We have to stay calm.
  • Let’s try to stay calm.
  • Alex tried to keep calm.
  • Stay calm and do your best.
  • It was the calm before the storm.
  • This is the calm before the storm.
  • Michael coped with the situation calmly.
  • It crosses my mind that Cinna’s calm and normal demeanor masks a complete madman.
  • 126.Please calm down my son, Let’s wait and see.
  • After a storm comes a calm.