Sentences for Crowd, Sentences with Crowd Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Crowd, Sentences with Crowd Meaning and Synonym Words



  • (of a number of people) fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement.(transitive verb)
  • Move too close to (someone)(transitive verb)
  • Exclude someone or something by taking their place.(transitive verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)

packed, congested, crushed, cramped, overcrowded, full, filled to capacity, full to bursting, overfull, overflowing, teeming, swarming, thronged, populous, overpopulated, overpeopled, busy, oust, overthrow, remove, topple, unseat, depose, dethrone, eject, dispel, throng, horde, mob, rabble, large number, mass, multitude, host, army, herd, flock, drove, swarm, sea, stream, troupe, pack, press, crush, flood, collection, company, gathering, assembly, assemblage, array, congregation, convention, concourse,

Example Sentences with crowd
  • You should stay away from crowds for at least a month.
  • It’s crowded again today.
  • There was a large crowd in the park.
  • There was a large crowd in front of the hospital.
  • We were very scared when we saw the crowd at the school.
  • They made their way through the crowd.
  • The bus became crowded.
  • The crowd buzzed with excitement.
  • A mighty cheer burst from the crowd.
  • A cry arose from the crowd.