Sentences for Finish, Sentences with Finish Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Finish, Sentences with Finish Meaning and Synonym Words



  • Bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.(transitive verb)
  • Complete the manufacture or decoration of (a material, object, or place) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.(transitive verb)
  • Prepare (a girl) for entry into fashionable society.(transitive verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)

completed, concluded, consummated, finalized, terminated, over and done with, over, in the past, at an end, varnish, lacquer, veneer, coat, stain, wax, shellac, enamel, put a finish on, glaze, give a shine to, gloss, polish, burnish, smooth off, end, ending, completion, conclusion, close, closing, cessation, finalization, termination,

Example Sentences with finish
  • When did you finish your school?
  • Can you finish by then?
  • Unless my son finish his homework, He can’t go out.
  • Had you been finishing your homework before you went to the store with your family?
  • The old gardener has not finished cutting grass for 2 days.
  • If they had worked hard, they would have finished on time.
  • Amelia will not have been married to Paul until he finishes school.
  • When do you think you will have finished your work?
  • By the time we came, she had finished the project.
  • Had Leonard and Rex finished all food before their trip was not finished?