Ways To Say I LIKE IT

Follow the list;

> I like it.> I love it.
> I adore it.> It sounds great / good.
> It looks great.> It looks good.
> It looks fantastic.> This is wicked!
> I’m keen on it.> This is totally sick!
> I’m addicted to it.> It appeals to me.
> I’m really into it.> I’ve grown to like it.
> I’m partial to it.> It’s to my liking.
> I’m passionate about it.> It goes down well.
> I can’t get enough of it.> I fancy it / her.
> I have got a soft spot for it.> I’m fond of it.
> I am into it.> I’m mad about it.
> I’m crazy about it.> I’m attached to…

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  1. Johnb876 August 14, 2017