Expressing Rainy Weather in English


Words Related to “rain” and Their Meanings:

Heavy / constant / steady /pouring rain or Downpour is a lot of rain in a short time.

Light / gentle rain or Drizzle means not heavy rain.

Rainfall is the amount of rain which falls.

Deluge is a severe flood.

Rainstorm is a storm with heavy rain.

A drop of rain / a droplet / a raindrop is a single drop of rain.

Rainbow is a curved shape of different colours seen in the sky.

Shower is a short period of rain or snow.



  • Today it is cloudy and rainy out.
  • It’s going to rain by the looks of it.
  • There is heavy rain.
  • It’s pouring outside. ( raining heavily )
  • Take an umbrella, it is raining.
  • It’s really cloudy out. I wonder if it will rain today.
  • We haven’t had a drop of rain for weeks.
  • It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining today.
  • I think it is going to rain later.
  • I hear that showers are coming our way.
  • It’s not raining too hard. It’s just drizzling out.
  • It will be raining tomorrow.
  • It’s been trying to rain all morning.
  • It’s finally decided to rain.
  • The rain is falling.
  • It is always rainy and cool.
  • It is a drizzly afternoon.
  • The rain was still a steady downpour.
  • Rain showers are expected at the end of the week.
  • Heavy rainfall will ruin the celebration.
  • A heavy rainstorm hit our farm last night.
  • Rainbow occurs when light enters a raindrop.
  • This little stream can become a deluge when it rains heavily.


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