Synonym Words with G


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.


  • The words “small” and “little” are synonyms
  • The words “shut” and “close” are synonyms
  • The words “incorrect” and “wrong” are synonyms
  • The words “intelligent” and “brilliant” are synonyms

Example Sentences:


  • This is a wrong answer. or This is an incorrect answer.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )


  • He is a brilliant scientist. or He is an intelligent scientist.

          ( these sentences have the same meaning )

To reach detailed synonym words starting with the letter G in English, follow the list;

Synonym Words With G
gain acquire, obtain, receive
gallant chivalrous, stately
gather collect, accumulate, compile
gaudy showy, garish, vulgar
gaunt scrawny, skinny, thin
generous giving, selfless, big-hearted
gentle tender, mild
genuine real, authentic, sincere
gigantic immense, colossal, enormous
give donate, present, offer
glad happy, pleased, delighted
gloomy dark, dismal, depressing
glorious splendid, magnificent, superb
good nice, fine, well-behaved
gorgeous ravishing, dazzling, stunning
gratitude thankfulness, appreciation
great outstanding, remarkable