Using GET in English

GET THE WORD OF THE DAY – GET; Using, Definition and Example Sentences.

Present Past Past Participle
Get Got Got / Gotten (US)

to obtain, buy, or earn something

  • The doctor gets about $80,000 a year.
  • I have to get something to eat.
  • We went to the town to get breakfast.
  • Where will he get a bicycle from?
  • You should go to a pharmacy to get some medicine.

to receive or be given something

  • I will get a phone call from Mary.
  • Which news did he get about James?
  • The child got a cat for her birthday.
  • Women get a great happiness from shopping.
  • We got the impression they need more detailed plan for the project.

to go somewhere and come back with (something or someone)

  • I got my glasses from the desk.
  • If you want, I can get you some coffee.

to reach or arrive at a particular place

  • What time will your son get home from the school?
  • You should try to get early to the examination place.

to reach a particular stage, condition, or time

  • You must get to the top in your profession.
  • She wants to get thinner.
  • It is getting late. We are still here.

to become ill with a disease, virus, etc.

  • The baby got measles from her big brother.
  • She seems to get the flu.
  • Who you could have gotten the mumps from?

to become or start to be:

  • My cold is getting worse.
  • Please, drink your tea. It is getting cold.
  • How did you get to be such a successful businessman.

to cause something to happen, or cause someone or something to do something

  • My mother tried very hard to get us willing for the school.
  • The teacher is planning to get the course book finished by next week.
  • Is he able to get this work machine  working?

to move to a different place or into a different position

  • She is getting into the car.
  • We can try to get the table near the door.

to travel somewhere in a train, bus, or other vehicle

  • Shall I get a taxi to the airport?
  • We must buy a ticket to get on the bus.

to deal with or answer a ringing phone, knock on the door, etc.

  • Hey Jack, someone’s at the door. Could you get the door, please?
  • Oh my God! This death person’s mobile phone is ringing. I can’t get it.

to have the chance to do something

  • I can get to see the president.

to understand or hear something

  • I didn’t get what you said. Could you repeat it, please?
  • We said our orders to the waiter but he didn’t get them.

to prepare a meal

  • I am getting lunch ready.
  • She got dinner for the family yesterday.

to annoy someone

  • I don’t like people who get people angry.
  • Who got you so angry?

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