“in case” vs “in the event that” in English


We use “in case” and “in the event that” as a phrase to talk about things we should do in order to be prepared for possible future situations

We can say for both;

  •  They have the same meaning and usage.
  •  They introduces “possibility”.
  •  They are used to represent the precautions taken due to the possibility.
  •  We should do an action before something happens or might happen.


  • “in the event that” is more formal than “in case”. And this is more common in writting. 
The structures of ” in case” and ” in the event that”;

  • ACTION/PLAN ( precaution ) in case / in the event that  + POSSIBLE REASON ( possibility )

You can see some examples related to using ” in case / in the event that” below;


  •    I will not go to my office by my car in case / in the event that  it snows. ( Action – Possible Reason )
  •    My mother will put a cake in my handbag in case / in the event that I am hungry. ( Action – Possible Reason )
  •    I  will wait at home all day long  in case / in the event that you call me. ( Action –  Possible Reason ) 
  •   He always take a small bottle of water  in case / in the event that he should get thirsty.  ( Action –  Possible Reason )

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