Sentences for Clear, Sentences with Clear Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Clear, Sentences with Clear Meaning and Synonym Words



  • So as to be out of the way of or away from.(adverb)
  • Completely.(adverb)
  • Remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items from.(verb)

away from, apart from, beyond, at a distance from, at a safe distance from, out of contact with, completely, entirely, thoroughly, fully, wholly, totally, utterly, quite, altogether, empty, void, empty, void, go over, get past, go above, pass over, sail over, acquit, declare innocent, find not guilty, authorize, give permission, permit, allow, pass, accept, endorse, license, sanction, give approval to, give one’s seal of approval to, give consent to, net, make a profit of, realize a profit of, take home, pocket, understandable, comprehensible, intelligible, easy to understand, plain, direct, uncomplicated, explicit, lucid, perspicuous, coherent, logical, distinct, simple, straightforward, clearly expressed, unambiguous, clear-cut, crystal clear, accessible, user-friendly, transparent, limpid, pellucid, translucent, crystalline, crystal clear, glassy, glasslike, unobstructed, unblocked, passable, unimpeded, open, empty, free, unlimited, unrestricted, unhindered, after taxes, after deductions, take-home, clear, final,

Example Sentences with clear
  • She spoke clearly and with conviction.
  • She has a soft and clear voice.
  • What’s not clear?
  • Am I making myself clear?
  • We hear you loud and clear.
  • You should clear away all your toys before bedtime.
  • The police’ll use dogs to clear the protesters off the road.
  • I think the trouble will clear up in a couple of days.
  • Did you clear up your room before you went out?
  • The mist will clear off very soon.
  • cleared the table.
  • Will it clear up soon?
  • I didn’t get a clear look.
  • I just want a clear answer.
  • Will it clear up this afternoon?
  • You’ve been cleared of all charges.
  • The sky cleared up soon after the storm.
  • It looks like it is going to clear up soon.
  • Love blurs your vision; but after it recedes, you can see more clearly than ever.