Sentences for Liberal, Sentences with Liberal Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Liberal, Sentences with Liberal Meaning and Synonym Words



  • A supporter of policies that are socially progressive and promote social welfare.(noun)
  • A supporter of a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.(noun)
  • A supporter or member of a Liberal party or (in the UK) the Liberal Democrat Party.(noun)

tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened, forbearing, progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, go-ahead, enlightened, reformist, radical, abundant, copious, ample, plentiful, generous, lavish, luxuriant, profuse, considerable, prolific, rich, wide-ranging, broad-based, general, humanistic, flexible, broad, loose, rough, non-restrictive, free, general, non-literal, non-specific, not literal, not strict, not close,

Example Sentences with liberal
  • I can’t believe the pro-choicers attitude toward unborn children-to me it’s the ultimate liberal cause, to defend those without a voice.
  • Fashion is quite inclusive and good at embracing different things and different forms of beauty. It’s a very liberal industry. You can be yourself. Just not overweight.
  • President Bush has a record of cutting taxes, has provided a prescription drug benefit for seniors, has upheld the Second Amendment and remains committed to stopping liberal activists judges who are redefining marriage.
  • Liberal that I am, I support health-care reform on its merits alone. My liberal blood boils, for example, when I read that half of the personal bankruptcies in this country are brought on, in part, by medical expenses.
  • Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice.
  • My mom is this liberal, feminist, Mormon powerhouse. I just love her to death.
  • My mom is like this hard-core, liberal feminist. She’s a professor in Boston, and she’s been teaching women’s studies for 30 years and international politics.
  • In liberal logic, if life is unfair then the answer is to turn more tax money over to politicians, to spend in ways that will increase their chances of getting reelected.