Using “in case of” in English


” in case of “ is used to say what we should do if or when something happens, especially in official notes. In other words, ” in case of “ means ” in the event of ( a particular situation)”

” in case of “ is a preposition we use with a noun to mean if or when something happens.


  • ” in case of “ is a preposition which is used with a noun. 
  • ” in case of “ is used if we want to say “if something happens (by chance), then …”

The structure of ” in case of “;

 In Case Of + A Noun ( or Ving )                                             

You can see many examples related to using “in case of “ below;


  •    There is a number here to call in case of an emergency.
  •    In case of failure, you should be try again.
  •    In case of fire, break the glass.
  •    They will come back to the hotel in case of snow.
  •    In case of breakdown, please press the alarm button.
  •    In case of an earthquake we should leave the building immediately.
  •    Instructions about what to do in case of theft.
  •    You should call the fire departmen in case of fire.
  •    These lamps light in case of danger.
  •    In case of first aid, don’t stir injured person.
  •    In case of emergency, push the button.


We can use ” in case of “ at the beginning of a sentence with a noun.

If we use ” in case of ” at the beginning with a noun, with put a comma ( , ) after the noun.


  •    In case of emergency, push the button.
  •    In case of failure, you should be try again.
  •    In case of fire, break the glass.

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