Box Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Box V1 V2 V3

Box Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Box V1 V2 V3



  • Put in or provide with a box.(transitive verb)
  • A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.(noun)
  • An area on a page that is to be filled in or that is set off by a border.(noun)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)
Verb – es(Ves)Verb – ing(Ving)

package, pack, parcel, wrap, bundle, bale, crate, carton, pack, packet, package,

Example Sentences with box
  • George discovered how to open the box.
  • He made me a box yesterday.
  • You can tear the box open.
  • Samuel filled the box with food.
  • Last week, they squeezed 2 boxes of orange juice in the newly opened shop.
  • Pam tried to lift the box, but found it impossible to do.
  • The box is almost empty.
  • Jessica tapped the box with her forefinger.
  • I told Samuel to label all the boxes.
  • Alex slipped the letter into the box.
  • Alex boxed the items.
  • They boxed the glasses so they wouldn’t break.
  • They boxed all the items for moving.
  • boxed up my books and took them to the car.
  • Frank made me a box yesterday.
  • Don’t open the box yet.
  • Get my tool box.
  • Steve opened the box.
  • Hank hasn’t opened the box yet.
  • I want to know what’s in this box.
  • Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.