Fulfil Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Fulfil V1 V2 V3

Fulfil Verb 1 2 3, Past and Past Participle Form Tense of Fulfil V1 V2 V3



  • Achieve or realize (something desired, promised, or predicted)(verb)
  • Carry out (a duty or role) as required, promised, or expected.(verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)
Verb – es(Ves)Verb – ing(Ving)

succeed in, attain, realize, consummate, satisfy, manage, bring off, bring about, carry off, carry out, carry through, bring to fruition, deliver, carry out, accomplish, achieve, execute, perform, discharge, implement, effect, effectuate, conduct,

Example Sentences with fulfil
  • It fulfills an international mission.
  • People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because theyre not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.
  • A man may fulfil the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve.
  • Spring is a time for rebirth and the fulfilment of new life.
  • A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
  • My grandfather was a man, when he talked about freedom, his attitude was really interesting. His view was that you had obligations or you had responsibilities, and when you fulfilled those obligations or responsibilities, that then gave you the liberty to do other things.
  • An attitude to life which seeks fulfillment in the single-minded pursuit of wealth – in short, materialism – does not fit into this world, because it contains within itself no limiting principle, while the environment in which it is placed is strictly limited.
  • I do not have much patience with a thing of beauty that must be explained to be understood. If it does need additional interpretation by someone other than the creator, then I question whether it has fulfilled its purpose.
  • Death is the mother of Beauty hence from her, alone, shall come fulfillment to our dreams and our desires.
  • What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.
  • My relationship with Dean was great, but ultimately it wasn’t a fulfilling marriage for either of us.