Using MAKE in English

Using Make in English, Definition and Examples

GET THE WORD OF THE DAY – MAKE; Using, Definition and Example Sentences.

Using Make;

to produce something, often using a particular substance or material

  • I think we can make a cake if we hurry.
  • Could you make us some tea?
  • Tailors make clothes according to body measurements of people.
  • How did you make this meal? It is really delicious.
  • She had to leave the factory that makes cars due to the familial reasons.
to cause something to exist or to happen, bring about

  • This terrorist attack has made quite a commotion in the country..
  • This makes problems for us.
  • Countries have made wars because of selfish attitutes throughout history.
  • Don’t make war, make peace.
  • All of the children in the World want that countries don’ t make war.

to cause to be or become, render

  • She was spending more time doing things that make her happy.
  • I didn’t say nothing that would make my friend angry, teacher.
  • You can make yourself understood in English, but you should study hard.
  • These natural beauties make the country such a popular tourist destination.
  • His mother tried to make his son happy, but couldn’t.

to perform an action

  • The child tried to make a phone call but he couldn’t succeed.
  • Everyone can make mistakes in life.
  • You should make some effort to climb the tree.
  • The company has to make a decision for new stuff by tomorrow.
  • The country expects to make a good progress at economy in the following days.
  • Let’s make a suggestion.
  • The president made a long speech about the last election.

to earn or get

  • A good businessman knows how to make money.
  • He makes $800,000 a year as a president.
  • She’s very good at making new friends.
  • The man made many profits using this special case.
to arrive at or reach, especially successfully

  • She made it clear that she couldn’t makeit in time for the meeting.
  • He made it to the airport just in time to catch his plane
  • Expenditure of the state officials have not yet been made public.

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