Sentences for Behave, Sentences with Behave Meaning and Synonym Words

Sentences for Behave, Sentences with Behave Meaning and Synonym Words



  • Act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others.(intransitive verb)
  • Conduct oneself in accordance with the accepted norms of a society or group.(intransitive verb)
Verb(V1)Past Tense(V2)Past Participle(V3)

conduct oneself, act, acquit oneself, bear oneself, carry oneself, act correctly, act properly, conduct oneself well, act in a polite way, show good manners, mind one’s manners, mind one’s Ps and Qs,

Example Sentences with behave
  • Students at school neither study nor behave respectfully.
  • John treats all his students with mercy, whereas other teachers behave very harshly.
  • Alex’s welcome to come along, provided that he behaves himself.
  • I’ve been told that I behaved badly.
  • The boss always get at me. I don’t know why he behaves like that.
  • Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.
  • Stay mad, but behave like normal people. Run the risk of being different, but learn to do so without attracting attention.
  • You must never behave as if your life belongs to a man. Do you hear me?
  • With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.
  • Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.
  • The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them.